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      2. nuc mini pc,mini itx motherboard,mini computer,x86 micro computer,barebone system,intel i5 i7
        nuc mini pc,mini itx motherboard,mini computer,x86 micro computer,barebone system,intel i5 i7
        nuc mini pc,mini itx motherboard,mini computer,x86 micro computer,barebone system,intel i5 i7
        nuc mini pc,mini itx motherboard,mini computer,x86 micro computer,barebone system,intel i5 i7
        nuc mini pc,mini itx motherboard,mini computer,x86 micro computer,barebone system,intel i5 i7
        nuc mini pc,mini itx motherboard,mini computer,x86 micro computer,barebone system,intel i5 i7
        nuc mini pc,mini itx motherboard,mini computer,x86 micro computer,barebone system,intel i5 i7
        nuc mini pc,mini itx motherboard,mini computer,x86 micro computer,barebone system,intel i5 i7
        nuc mini pc,mini itx motherboard,mini computer,x86 micro computer,barebone system,intel i5 i7
        nuc mini pc,mini itx motherboard,mini computer,x86 micro computer,barebone system,intel i5 i7
        nuc mini pc,mini itx motherboard,mini computer,x86 micro computer,barebone system,intel i5 i7
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        • mini pc case,Mr.NUC,mini itx case,mini pc barebone,htpc case,Realan

        Home Technology Support Mini PCMini PC Technology Support

        Since our product launch conference, Realan Computer’s mini PCs, mini PC barebones and mini motherboard have become popular among customers, and have been applied as office PC, HTPC and IPC(Industrial PC) in various fields because of their mini size, exquisite design, low power and silent operation. Based on more than 10 years experience in computer case and PSU, Realan Computer solved the thermal problem of mini PC perfectly from small PC size , and we are capable and qualified enough to offer OEM service, and make an pavement for the mini PC to enter into traditional PC market. Up to now, our customer also have come up with many queries, advice and suggestion about our Mr.NUC mini PC, here collect and sort out some regular queries and solution for our future MINI PC customers reference

        1. What’s mini Mr.NUC office PC?
          In 2014, Realan Computer’s great contribution and effect to mini PC filed has caused Tech Tycoons’ attention, Later The big three Intel, AMD, Gigabyte, the have chosen Realan to cooperate as their strategic business partner in China. In order to build and optimize the business layout for the mini PC, Realan Computer created Mr.NUC PC brand, has searched and developed new generation mini PCs configuring mini 10*10cm motherboard with intel NUC i3,i5, J1900 and AMD-A8(AMD A8-5545M) Chipset and processor. With Mr.NUC’s eye-catching design, mini size, powerful performance, low power, and convenience, it have reverse traditional PC user’s experience and widely applied as office and family PC, HTPC equipment and IPC and digital signage.
        2. What’s the difference between NUC CPU and regular desktop CPU in performance?
          At present, we adopt Haswell-U, Baytrail-D CPU and AMD APU in our NUC products, characterize in small size, low power, lower frequency, lower energy consumption, So they are good option for office PC and HTPC equipment. The CPU for regular desktop are higher in power consumption, powerful in performance, and are good choice for game PC, sketching and design PC.
        3. What does Baytrail mean?
          Baytrail is the SOC R&D code of Intel’s 4th generation CPU, belonging to low power consumption series (Haswell belong to mid and high end series);
          Baytrail got following 3 series :Baytrail-D,Baytrail-M,Baytrail-T;
          Baytrail-D are used for primary desktop and all-in-one, including models like Pentium J2900,Celeron J1900 and J1800 etc;
          Batrial-M are used for primary notebook and touch screen notebook, including model like Pentium N3150, Celeron N2910 and N2810 etc;
          Batrail-T are used for tablet and thin notebook, including models like Atom3735 and Atom3740 etc;
        4. what kind of RAM available, what’s the effect about performance to use 1.35V or 1.5V RAM, any difference ?
          At present, our Mr.NUC is only available for 1.35V DDR3L, details as follows:
          Mr. NUC-i3d4010/i5d4250 support DDR3L 1.35V 1333/1600Mhz, up to 2*8G at most;
          Mr. NUC-A85545G support DDR3L 1.35V 1333/1600Mhz, up to 2*8G at most;
          Mr. NUC-BTJ1900 support DDR3L 1.35V 1066/1333Mhz, up to 1*8G at most;
          Remark: For the motherboard with remark stating : DDR3L 1.35V only, could not boot it to install DDR3L 1.5V, if no special remark on the board, then available for both DDR3L 1.35V and DDR3 1.5V.
        5. How about the graphic performance of Mr.NUC, what’s the video memory , what’s 4K?
          At present, Our Mr.NUC’s graphic are on-board, not individual, 4K means monitor resolution ; 3840*2160 or 4096*2304;
          Mr.NUC-i3d4010/i5d4250 are with integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400/Intel HD Graphics 5000, fixed frequency is 200M, and maximum is 1G;
          Mr. NUC-A85545G is with integrated AMD Radeon HD 8510G,fix frequency is 450M,maximum is 554M;
          Mr. NUC-BTJ1900 is with integrated Intel HD Graphics,fix frequency is 688M,maximum is 854M.
        6. How is the cooling of the Mr.NUC designed, what’s the temperature of complete PC when overloaded, what’s the normal temperature in operation, would the PC meet thermal trouble for it’s small chasis size?
          All of our Mr.NUC products are available for cooler and smart fan on the motherboard, As per test report, it’s 40 to 50 Celsius degree when Mr.NUC in normal operation, 60 to 75 Celsius degree when Mr.NUC full loaded,so unnecessary to worry about thermal issue, and it’s normal the chasis is hot when PC in in operation because of heat conduction.
        7. Realan offer 2 kinds of WIFI module for Mr.NUC, how about the signal intensity and transmission speed of them, can they get the signal through wall, whether the mini PCI-e slot support WIFI and Bluetooth?
          Realan offer two following WIFI module Realteck 8188C and Intel 3160 (Integrated Bluetooth 4.0) for Mr.NUC PC, the maximum transmission speed are 300M and 433M, signal coverage is 100M,with no more then 3 wall. At present, Except Mr. NUC-BTJ1900 only support WIFI, other Mr.NUC models support both WIFI and Bluetooth.
        8. How about the transfer from HDMI to VGA, whether the signal could be received, whether the signal is steady?
          HDMI output by digital signal, while VGA by analog signal, and the monitor was input by analog signal, so if transferred by through HDMI, there would some losses on the frame for twice analog signal transfer.Besides incompatible and unsteady factors exist, because the difference in signal should be handled by analog signal.
        9. what’s the function of infrared on the Mr.NUC with Intel i3/i5 CPU, what RC available ?
          Infrared on the Mr.NUC could support RC6 multimedia RC, support for Microsoft standard.
        10. About A8 motherboard ,What does the APU mean ? Are J1900,i3,i5 are APC, if not, what’s the difference with APU ?
          APC means accelerated Processing Unit, it’s AMD’s product with it company connotation“Future is fusion”, namely integrated the CPU and GPC on a same chip. As for J1900, i3 and i5, which are called CPU (Central Processing Unit), the calculation and control core of a computer.
        11. Can the logo in BIOS be set up as neutral, or change it into customer’s own logo?
          Except for intel Mr.NUC and other name brand motherboard, all of our mini ITX motherboard could be set into neutral and customer’s logo in BIOS.
        12. There are 2 DIMM slot on the some motherboard, if I only install a piece of RAM, which slot should I use?
          For most motherboard with 2 DIMM slot, it doesn’t matter which one slot you use,while suggest to use DIMM 0 slot; As for the J1900 series motherboard , have got to insert RAM on DIMM 0 slot.
        13. What’s the advice and suggestion to the Mr.NUC customer who choose their own storage, DDR, WIFI by themselves?
          About the storage, should pay special attention on the HDD size, and thickness, besides if the capacity exceed 1TB, also need to pay attention on OS and HDD portion format;
          About DDR, should pay attention to DDR versions and the voltage (only 1.35V DDR available), and DDR capacity limit of the motherboard;
          About the WIFI, should pay attention to whether the Bluetooth was integrated, suited antennas, WIFI band requirement,and whether the it half profile WIFI module.
        14. Whether Realan will consider to add a Mr.NUC assembly or OS installation video in the hardware drive USB flash drive?
          At present, only the Mr.NUC assembly instruction available, will consider to add OS installation instruction in the future.
        15. Whether the products with Intel logo sticker could be resold in oversea market, whether the oversea re-seller will face copyright trouble from Intel’s local distributor ?
          The products is available to resell in oversea market, the logo stand for Intel CPU, and all products with Intel Chipset are allowed to post Intel CPU logo sticker.
        16. For the V3 case, once the Intel NUC motherboard D34010WYB or D54250WYB installed,the infrared port was not good in look, a bulgy, besides no IR printing to indicate?
          The IR is bulgy because the IR lense is a bit thick, Realan could improve the the situation, also could print IR mark, while most product with IR in the market don’t print either.
        17. Problem about USB 3.0 of Mr.NUC A85545, could not USB keyboard and mouse after the OS installed ?
          In the condition of WIN 7 OS, need to install drive for USB 3.0, so do as follows:
          1, disable the 3.0 USB in the BIOS;
          2, install the drive for 3.0 USB;
          3, enable the 3.0 USB in the BIOS, when you reboot the PC, USB 3.0 would be available to use;
          (If you install window 8 or win 10, then would not meet this kind problem)
        18. The Mr.NUC BT-J1900L mini PCE is not available for Bluetooth in the condition of WIN8.1 ?
          At present, the mini PCIE slot on the Mr.NUC-BTJ1900 motherboard doesn’t support Bluetooth, in the future , Realan will do some thing to improve the function.
        19. Is it possible to lower the noise of for Mr.NUC-BTJ1900L mini PC ?
          Need to change to hydraulic fan with lower rotation rate to lower the noise, because the Mr.NUC-BTJ1900L doesn’t support smart fan.
        20. Whether mini PC Mr.NUC-BTJ1900L support 64bit,Cent OS, Linux OS ?
          At present, all of our products support Win7 32/64bit, Win8.1 32/64 bit, Win8.1 with Bing,win ES 7/8, CentOS and Android 4.0 or higher version.
        21. Is AV output port available on the Mr.NUC mini PC ?
          There are HDMI, mini HDMI, MDP port etc on the it,while AV output is not available.
        22. Whether Realan can offer a manual sating details of NUC motherboard, and the specific position of where other hardware should be?
          Realan already prepared specification sheet for all motherboard on sale.
        23. How to identify the details of motherboard and CPU, like brand, model number etc?
          There are sticker on the back of motherboard on sale, which states the details of the motherboard.
        24. About the OS installation through USB flash drive, How to enter Mr.NUC-J1900L’s BIOS, set up USB booting in priority, what are the relative hot keys ?
          Once you boot the PC, then click “Delete” key to enter BIOS interface,then click “USB FALSH DISK 1100” to set it in prior in he boot dialog to set the USB flash dive as your first boot device on the PC,then click “Enter” key to finish setting , after then click F10 to save and exist ,click Enter key to make sure saving and exist
          mini pc case,Mr.NUC,mini itx case,mini pc barebone,htpc case,Realan
          Or you could also set USB flash drive as prior boot device on the Mr.NUC-BT-J1900 by click “F11” key without stop once you boot the PC by press power button
          mini pc case,Mr.NUC,mini itx case,mini pc barebone,htpc case,Realan
        25. PE could not find the mSATA SSD on the Mr.NUC installed mSATA SSD, What should i do to solve the problem ?
          1,At first, you should make sure the mSATA SSD available,dismantle the SSD, clean the metal chip on the interface with eraser, then insert the SSD to try again;
          2,Enter BIOS, then check the IDE configuration to see whether you could find SATA HDD under the Advanced catalog, if you could not find the SATA HDD, Please change another PE to install the OS, if you could not find the SATA HDD after new OS installed, then maybe there are some thing wrong about the mSATA or motherboard. For BIOS status check, Please refer to following picture.
          mini pc case,Mr.NUC,mini itx case,mini pc barebone,htpc case,Realan
        26. What should be done when the Mr.NUC is stuck when I install OS?
          Two following reasons may cause above mentioned problem :Unreasonable storage portion and incomplete ISO; Here suggest you to redivide the storage again or change another ISO to try.
        27. What should be done if the keyboard and mouse are not available to use after OS was installed on the PC?
          1, Take a look of right bottom corner of the screen to see whether the drive of Keyboard and mouse are preparing, if you drive is preparing, wait some minutes, the keyboard and mouse would be available when the drive was prepared;
          2,Enter into Bios and press the key F9 to restore the default setting,then press F10 to save the setting status, the keyboard and mouse might be available when you reboot the PC;
          3,Besides, if the keyboard and mouse was connected to the 3.0 USB port on the PC, this kind of problem also might happens, because USB 3.0 need the drive to activate in the condition of Win 7 OS, in this case , enter into the Bios to disable the 3.0 USB(default 2.0 USB), save the setting, Then reboot the PC and install the 3.0 USB drive;After the drive was installed , enter the Bios again to enable the 3.0 USB , save the setting .Reboot the PC, then keyboard and mouse would be available to use.
        28. After the OS was installed on the PC by PE USB boot drive, what should be done PC always reboot automatically, or blue screen occurs ?
          At first need to make sure the ISO if OS is complete and nothing wrong, if the reboot and blue screen still occur after you ensure nothing wrong with the ISO file, enter the BIOS click OS selection under Main menu, and choose the OS setting as per the OS you wanna install, then press F10 key to save the setting.For some motherboard you also need to choose On-chip SATA Type(IDE or AHCI).Please refer to the following picture, while check and set Bios.
          mini pc case,Mr.NUC,mini itx case,mini pc barebone,htpc case,Realan
        29. There is only 1 portion (Disk C) on my Mr.NUC mini PC, what should be done the PC pop- up “ Could not visit Disk D” or “Error found while read information, refuse to visit ”note while install OS?
          In some case, Win 7 OS will store one virtual RAM file in None OS Disk, while there is only one Disk C in your PC storage, so you see the above mentioned pop-up note, About this problem you could solve the problem by format and redivide the Hard disk.
        30. My Mini PC Mr.NUC has worked for for some time normally (Around 10 days ), could not boot it suddenly, also tried back up power button, and checked the PC is powered normally, while still could not boot; Besides the motherboard, RAM and HDD are very hot.
          The situation described might be caused by the short circuit on the motherboard chip set, Please contact us to solve in time.
        31. Mini PC Mr.NUC-BTJ1900L could not support resolution above 1920*1080 , right ?
          The maximum resolution available for HDMI on Mr.NUC-BTJ1900 is 1920*1080, while it’s also OK to connect monitor with resolution above 1920*1080.
        32. What storage available for Mr.NUC mini PC series product?
          All Mr.NUC mini PC support SATA 3.0 except for Mr.NUC-BTJ1900L(SATA 2.0); Besides all product support mSATA,2.5” HDD/SSD in the market, no limit about capacity.
        33. Is the adapter same for all Mr.NUC mini PC?
          The adapter for all other Mr.NUC mini PC is 12V/5A except for Mr.NUC-A85545( 19V/3.42A).
        34. What’s smart fan ?
          Smart Fan, namely smart fan adjusting tech, it could detect the temperature of CPU as per operation period and adjust the speed of fan automatically, and there 3 following work modes of Smart Fan
          Full speed: Fan runs in full speed;
          By Duty-Cycle: To adjust the fan speed as per the CPU operation period;
          By temperature: To adjust the fan speed as per the CPU temperature.